A New Dawn

Welcoming you to the new us…

In most places on this great creation called, earth.  Susunsetnset, with its passing experiences, enlightens us with insights for new dawn.We at FeministAliens are living this.
We said farewell to our old website and welcome this new one. But we are taking with us some of our most treasured articles and series from the past, adding these to new ones and wrapping all of them with the insights we have gathered along the way to present you with a better package.
Join with us in welcoming FeministAliens with a new dawn. We have named our pages  at the top. Here we explain what we want to achieve  in the matching categories on your right. The Blog will include all the latest posts.
 FA is still under construction but we are posting so you can get a read and a feel for the site. Please post us your comments; thanks for your your patience as we make this transition.
Thanks Andrea & Marva.