Creative Arts

Feminist Aliens (FA) has expanded its offerings so it can truly be a virtual space where women can express themselves freely in several formats. This Creative Arts Page pushes FA further in that direction. Here you will find poetry, songs, art and things of that ilk. FA’s founder Dr. Andrea Baldwin provided the first input with her spoken word piece, Uppity Nigga.

We have added it to this page as a special treat but remember all other pieces included  reviews will be found easily by clicking the creative arts category.



Spoken word  is performed poetry so expect a video clip to follow soon but until then imagine you are reading this piece on stage with a bus stop as your main prop and two nosy people sitting beside you lapping up each word.

Off stage, your large audience breaks out in laughter or shouts encouraging words to you at appropriate intervals until your reading ends to their thunderous applause and calls for an encore.



Uppity Nigga

Girrllll looka de uppity nigga

Walking bout hey feeling like she better

… than we.

Nose all up in de air

Like she feel we care

Bout de poor great nigga that is she.


She feel like cause she went to big school

That she could come bout here and people try to fool.

Cause she got two certificates

That she is the queen bitch

But just like we she had to shit

outside in a pit toilet

and ain’t had no running water

She could really go long wid she self, the uppity nigga.


You would think she got money the way she does behave

Getting on like only she one got good looking clothes to wear

Girl but she ain’t come for no way

She family is then half red people from Foul Bay

That does cuss and carry on like them in got no sense

Always at the rum shop door early to spend de few cents

Pretending like she ain’t no where she come from

Ha ha, uppitidy nigga that just come town


She granmurrah use to work cleaning for dem white people

Wuh I know for a fact she murrah still working at a hotel

Yes girl cleaning them hotel rooms

Up and down all day with mops and brooms

Yea I does see she cause she does still catch de bus

Down to earth just like the rest of us

…but girl, she daughter?

She ain’t nuttin but a uppity nigga


Girl mark my words, I tell you she going get what coming for she

Gone way and fuhget bout she friends and she family

Yuh know she marry a man from ova and away

I did hear so, couldn’t wait to high tail she ass from bout hey

Stupse, don’t worry she mussee up dey catching she ass

Pretending she living wid class

But out dey living from hand to mout

Pretending but doing without

Cause you know dem Amurican’s don’t like nobody black

Ha ha girllll dem uppity niggas so does go up dey and be shame to come back


I could only imagine when she do come back hey

She mussee gine really pretend she live all she life up dey

I could hear she now talking like a yankee

Yes, girl she and she lil’ pickney

Cause you know he ain’t born in Buhbadus

So she gine think the lil scruffy boy better than us

But girl listen cause as I tell you it gine be

She going get what coming uppity nigga like she


Girl yes, I is a uppity nigga

If that mean I want to do better

My mudda work hard and tell me to go school and learn

And now I trying to reap de benefits I earn

Cause I seem to be progressing in life

Wunna prefer to grudge and make strife

But these letters behind my name

I work too hard fuh dem and I ain’t shame

So if that is wuh uppity nigga mean

Yes girl here I am you can dub me the queen


Try and mind your own business

You trying too hard to be uh eyewitness

… to my progress

If in yours yuh would spend more time

Instead of minding mine

You could be a uppity nigga like me no less

So make your label and try to make it stick

I actually like it and think it fit

Uppity nigga got a ring to it in trute

Don’t sound bad at all, uppity nigga like me wuhloss poor you.


Andrea Baldwin