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Don’t call me boy!

Life is uneven. People speak about the highs and lows to describe the uneven course life takes; where positives such as peace, success and happiness don’t combine and flow in the continuum for which we hope and maybe pray. Recently, together with some friends, I embarked on this blog /website call FeministAliens,   as a tool … Continue reading

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Friends’ Gem- Michelle Obama celebrates her wholeness

      “Girls of her generation grew up seeing laws correct centuries of employment discrimination against women and minorities. All of this helped give her what feels like a real sense of wholeness. What do I mean by this sense of wholeness?” Margo Jefferson asked in this Guardian article. Read her answer here… Continue reading

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The Culture of Race in the University System in the Southern USA:

The Culture of Race in the University System in the Southern USA: The Professor and the student view. Invisible Black Female Bodies at Universities in the Southern USA By Andrea Baldwin For the last two weeks I have been ranting about race discrimination in the South.  I have received a lot of feedback from those … Continue reading