Are You Qualified to Marry a Great Leader?

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Have you seen the movie Selma? Or read about Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr? Have you heard of Bob Marley and the Wailers? I bet you have. Last weekend, I was watching a documentary on Netflix (Marley) about Bob Marley’s life, and a lot of things struck me as…

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Judge not, outside Court.

Getting it off my chest! Tutwiler prison part 2 When I share with family, friends, colleagues, students, individuals who I meet and strike up a conversation with, that I teach Women’s Studies at the Tutwiler women’s prison in Alabama, I usually receive one of two responses. The first response is “Oh wow (shocked look and … Continue reading

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Locked up like us, at Tutwiler

Immigrant means prisoner? By Andrea Baldwin I teach an Introduction to Women’s Studies course at the Tutwiler Women’s Prison in Alabama.  I have been doing so for the last two months and the experience so far has been nothing like I expected. Going to that prison and interacting with these women, the lack of pretence … Continue reading

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Caribbean War Cry

Come on in … don’t peep with feet planted outside. Struggle’s hard; it’s painful but come inside Join de fight, Cause Caribbean children got a right To walk without fear uh big people grope We gotta mek sure dat is more than a hope.   Secrets closeted, now bussing open Pelting in de news dat muff … Continue reading

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Break loose, you are capable

Dear Women, We are all capable of living to our full potential. How dare you say you are not! I hear your questioning; I listen to your subconscious thoughts. You ask: “Are we, women, capable of walking in any pair of shoes? Or is this fight for equality another dream, just something to do?” Sometimes you … Continue reading

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What is feminism to you?

Hey everyone. I’m going back to school today so I’m a bit upset😅 Well, yesterday I saw a topic about feminism. I didn’t read it though; I saw the topic so I decided to write about it. Most people think feminism is about equality between the sexes or about women coming together to achieve a […] … Continue reading

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Don’t call me boy!

Life is uneven. People speak about the highs and lows to describe the uneven course life takes; where positives such as peace, success and happiness don’t combine and flow in the continuum for which we hope and maybe pray. Recently, together with some friends, I embarked on this blog /website call FeministAliens,   as a tool … Continue reading