Are You Qualified to Marry a Great Leader?

My Female Persuasion


Have you seen the movie Selma? Or read about Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr?

Have you heard of Bob Marley and the Wailers?

I bet you have. Last weekend, I was watching a documentary on Netflix (Marley) about Bob Marley’s life, and a lot of things struck me as interesting – how his mother got pregnant at 16 by a white man who was in his 60s, how his community considered him an outcast because of his mixed race and his paternal relatives shunned him – not surprising given the era he was born in. Hell, I’m sure some people still get teased for being mixed.

Bob was also terribly shy, and a very strict father according to he and Rita Marley’s children. And I found the singer’s energy and personality hella sensual and attractive though I was watching decades old footage of him.

Rita. Here’s where I drew…

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