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Caribbean War Cry

Come on in … don’t peep with feet planted outside.

Struggle’s hard; it’s painful but come inside

Join de fight,

Cause Caribbean children got a right

To walk without fear uh big people grope

We gotta mek sure dat is more than a hope.



Secrets closeted, now bussing open

Pelting in de news dat muff children innocence broken

Preacher man, policeman, too old to be boy

All tiefing we small children joy

And women, old enough to know better

Talking ‘bout children making dem wetter


From Jamaica to Guyana, billowing cases of child abuse

Should stir up more than family feud

So don’t only ben’ yuh head to yuh knees in shame

Speak out, say victims mustn’t be defame or blame

Dem big hard back men and women, dat think children ripe

Excusing duh acts as mistake is tripe


Come, heed de war cry; exposed de dirt

Call fuh swift justice; don’t let we children hurt

Track de pedophiles; a register, a must;how-to-survive-childhood-sexual-abuse

So if duh go ‘round schools we know duh bus’

Listen, we saving we young uns from dem nasty grope

Cause sexual abuse don’t clean off wid soap

And today many a Caribbean child trying hard to cope

So join de fight, give de yutes more than hope!!!

Copyright ©2017  Marva Cossy  All Rights Reserved. 

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