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Alleged rape victim blamed for pastor’s arrest

JAMAICA- “She says she’d asked her to collect groceries from the accused pastor on the night when he was allegedly caught with her by the police.She says her sister told her he demanded sex in exchange for the groceries, and dragged her into his parked car.

The 17-year-old mother says her younger sister looked embarrassed and upset, when she returned home on Sunday, January 1, this year. But says the younger teen was at first unwilling to say exactly what had happened.She says, since then, the entire family has been living in turmoil.Being pointed out in a crowd by members of Pastor Clarke’s congregation, and being blamed for his arrest.

She says persons unknown to them have also been visiting their home. She says that’s become the norm.The distraught 17 year old says she wants to drink poison because she’s stressed.She also claimed that another of her sisters, who’s now 22-years-old, has a 3-year old child for the pastor.We’re unable to independently verify that claim. She says he doesn’t support the child financially.”

Excerpt from the Nationwide News. Get full story by clicking here.



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